Company Profile

Located on the northern beaches of Sydney, DemCox is Australian owned and locally operated from our office in Brookvale. As a long standing company, DemCox has grown into a leading organisation and is one of the industry’s most trusted and skilled sources for steel detailing.

Our dedicated team is highly experienced and are eager to meet the demanding needs of the engineering and construction industries. Our ability to think and design in 3D allows us to create precision 3D (BIM & FIM) models. The accuracy and the copious amount of critical data included in these models is then able to be used across the design workflow saving both time and money in reworking models.

Accuracy, Efficiency, QualityLocal Knowledge and Business Integrity are the key values we employ to ensure each job is done right the first time. All of our projects are completed in house. We have NEVER outsourced a project and we never will. "Quality at a reasonable price will always be cheaper than mediocrity at a lower price".

DemCox is able to handle jobs big and small. We will take on any project from a new staircase in your house to a new warehouse or a new stadium. We have the technology and the experience to do it all.

DemCox are proud members of the Australian Construction Modellers Association

Technical Capabilities


DemCox only uses the latest 3D modelling software to ensure its work is up to scratch with the latest in technology. Importantly, not only do the staff at DemCox use the latest software but they also know how to manipulate and configure the software to get better project specific results than your average drafting company

All software is maintained by subscription plans from the vendors ensuring access to the latest versions and priority support.

Software used by DemCox Includes: Ÿ

  • AdvanceSteel
  • Navisworks
  • Revit
  • AutoCAD

Project Size

DemCox can handle jobs big and small. If it’s made from steel,timber or concrete, we will draw it. DemCox typically has around 500 tonnes of steel being detailed at any one time but when larger jobs are won, this can go up to as much as several thousand tonnes.

These quantities are always made up of several projects, some of which are small residential jobs such as staircases and renovations.

At the start of the project, DemCox will give you a realistic time-frame of when you can expect to see drawings being issued for the approval process.

Design Visualisation

Models can be rendered in 3D, giving amazing lifelike visualisation of the design. Potential safety, erection, operational and maintenance issues can be identified and rectified before the project is built. Experienced engineers undertake these responsibilities with checkers and 2D editors who are supported by project managers and IT staff.

Optimised Colaboration

All project stakeholders (engineers, contractors, fabricators and owners) are able to clearly and reliably communicate the design intent, resulting in fewer errors and less waste.

Data Exchange

The ability to pass information between the design team members, steel detailers, fabricators and builders, requires interoperability between the various CAD systems used by the team.

The 3D modelling software packages used by DemCox are able to import and export a wide range of data formats including:

  • Revit exchange (*.smlx)
  • Strumis intergration (*.smlx)
  • Industry Foundation Class (*.ifc)
  • CIMsteel Integration Standards CIMSteel/2 (*.stp)
  • Steel Detailing Neutral File SDNF (*.sdf) AutoCAD DWG (*.dwg)
  • Drawing Exchange Format DXF (*.dxf) DSTV Product Interface Steel Construction (*.stp, *.nc)
  • Bentley DGN (*.dgn)

Clash Detection

As part of our standard checking procedure, the model is always scanned for collisions between elements eliminating costly errors.

Advanced Bill Of Quantities

Accurate material summaries can be produced with very little lead time, enabling fabricators to pre-order steel supplies while the steel detailing process continues.

3d Modeling

DemCox has been utilising dedicated 3D modelling software since its inception. With this software, we create a highly accurate virtual model of the structure, which is data rich with all relevant Information necessary for procurement, fabrication and erection of every steel component in your structure.

We have an in-house, dedicated specialist who uses technical expertise and knowledge of the software to maximize efficiencies and productivity. Because of this, DemCox can customise our extracted 2D drawing output (marking plans, assembly and item/plate drawings), fabrication and procurement reports as well as numerous other custom reports, to meet and often exceed clients’ requirements and expectations.