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Located on the northern beaches of Sydney, DemCox is owned and operated by Mr Rick Dembiany and Mr Steven Cox. As a long standing company, DemCox has grown into a leading organisation and is one of the industry’s most trusted and skilled sources for steel detailing.

Our dedicated team is highly experienced and are eager to meet the demanding needs of the engineering and construction industries. Our ability to think and design in 3D allows us to create precision 3D (BIM & FIM) models. The accuracy and the copious amount of critical data included in these models is then able to be used across the design workflow saving both time and money in reworking models.

Accuracy, Efficiency, Quality, Local Knowledge and Business Integrity are the key values we employ to ensure each job is done right the first time. All of our projects are completed in house. We have NEVER outsourced a project and we never will. "Quality at a reasonable price will always be cheaper than mediocrity at a lower price".

DemCox is able to handle jobs big and small. We will take on any project from a new staircase in your house to a new warehouse or a new stadium. We have the technology and the experience to do it all.

DemCox are proud members of the Australian Institute of Steel Detailers AISD Logo



Rick Dembiany, Director of DemCox PtyLtd.

After successfully graduating as a structural engineer in Berlin, Germany, he leaves for Australia in 2003 to work as an engineer in Sydney, Australia. In 2005 he recognises the need for innovative design service and with the aid of his new business partner decides to set up DemCox PtyLtd.

– Business development – New business – Engineering –

Steven A. Cox, Director of DemCox PtyLtd.

After successfully graduating in 2000 he works as leader of the design department within a large design and fabrication company in Sydney. In 2005 he also recognises the need for a new innovative design service & project management and together with his new business partner sets up DemCox PtyLtd.

– New business – Design and IT –

Andreas Schulz, Project Director.

As qualified draftsman (2003) he decides to also qualify as structural engineer and successfully graduates in 2008 in Berlin, Germany. Shortly after, Andreas leaves for Australia to join DemCox PtyLtd and has been working in our main office in Sydney ever since.

– Project leader of the Sydney team – Engineering –